Over 1,500 residents of Benedict Canyon and the surrounding areas have joined the Save Benedict Canyon coalition to officially oppose the massive, mega-mansion project and call on the City of Los Angeles to require a full environmental review consistent with state law.

Email Your Councilmember

Dear Councilmember Koretz:

Thank you for your ongoing support of our community and for calling for full environmental review of the Prince's proposed mega-compound. Now that the Court denied the Prince's request to grant the permits needed to proceed, and sent this matter back to the City, please urge the Planning Department to remain vigilant on all remaining issues. The Prince's team must provide the City with critical information, including a complete grading plan, a fire safety and emergency vehicle access plan which meets the Fire Code's requirements, a new drainage plan, an accurate protected tree survey, and evidence of compliance with a private street approval.

The Prince's lawyer once said that public input is irrelevant. That is simply not the case. Not only must our voices be heard, but the City must continue to demand that a full environmental review be conducted to protect our hillside neighborhood from this commercial-scale project.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich
City Planning Director Michael LoGrande

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