Over 1,500 residents of Benedict Canyon and the surrounding areas have joined the Save Benedict Canyon coalition to officially oppose the massive, mega-mansion project and call on the City of Los Angeles to require a full environmental review consistent with state law.

Fire Code Violations

The more you look, the more illegal conditions and violations you find on this property. 

The proposed residences (which are located on a dead end street) are more than 700 feet from the nearest cross street.  For residences on dead end streets more than 700 feet from the nearest cross street, the Fire Code requires at least one additional ingress-egress roadway, but there is no secondary vehicular access to the property.

Unbelievably, the Fire Department bypassed its own regulations by allowing the project to move forward despite only having a single method of entry and exit for emergency vehicles.

The City has responded clearly, saying NO WAY!  Read the City correspondence:

This is a critical life safety issue:  the lots in Benedict Canyon are filled with trees, homes are right next to each other, and access roads are windy and narrow, contributing to hazardous fire conditions.  A fire on one property could spread quickly to another without adequate emergency access.  And the Tower Lane lot is designated by the City as a Very High Hazard Severity Zone

No compromises from the Fire Code are acceptable!