Over 1,500 residents of Benedict Canyon and the surrounding areas have joined the Save Benedict Canyon coalition to officially oppose the massive, mega-mansion project and call on the City of Los Angeles to require a full environmental review consistent with state law.

Giraffe Wall

As part of the illegal construction and grading, a prior property owner constructed a huge retaining wall of over 500 feet long and 26 feet high. This massive wall is known as the “giraffe wall” because of its mottled appearance. It towers over the adjacent homes and was used to create the massive pad that the house would be built on. The Giraffe Wall is the subject of numerous Orders to Comply requiring it to be returned to its original condition. 

The City has concluded that, in issuing permits for the Giraffe Wall, LADBS erred by failing to require the landowner to obtain CEQA clearance from the Planning Department.  The issuance of the original permits and the supplement permits (which were improperly issued) is under appeal and is pending before LADBS and Planning.