Over 1,500 residents of Benedict Canyon and the surrounding areas have joined the Save Benedict Canyon coalition to officially oppose the massive, mega-mansion project and call on the City of Los Angeles to require a full environmental review consistent with state law.

Protected Trees

The prince’s plans show that he will cut down or damage a forest of more than 100 mature trees, many of which are decades-old, and at least 11 protected oak trees and sycamores will be graded and removed from the benedict canyon hillside – making the hillsides more unstable. 

LA Department of Building and Safety has told the Prince that he needs to provide a protected tree report for Urban Forestry.  Public Works (Urban Forestry) has also requested a tree report, and the City Attorney’s office wrote to the landowner reminding him of the request for a protected tree report.

To date, the Prince has NOT supplied a tree report.