Over 1,500 residents of Benedict Canyon and the surrounding areas have joined the Save Benedict Canyon coalition to officially oppose the massive, mega-mansion project and call on the City of Los Angeles to require a full environmental review consistent with state law.

Other Violations and Environmental Impacts

In addition to the issues regarding the giraffe wall, protected trees, and grading on a site larger than 60,000 square feet, the Prince’s plans raise several other issues that would require an environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act.  These issues include:

  • There is no legal street access to one of the Prince’s lots
    Because of a 1998 lot line adjustment on the property, there is a 14 foot gap between the private street and the Prince’s northern lot.  This means that the property (9941 Tower Lane) no longer has legal street access and is no longer legal lot.  A new discretionary Private Street approval (requiring environmental review) is required prior to issuing any building permits.
  • The drainage plan would destabilize the adjacent hillside
    The Tower Lane drainage plans would relocate the stormwater flow from the center of the roadway to the east.  Moving this drainage, coupled with raising the grade of the existing driveway would cause the stormwater to pool as much as four feet in depth and cross property lines, undermining the hillside supporting adjacent properties. 
  • The retaining walls exceed the maximum two permitted per lot
    The Prince’s plans call for dozens of new walls and retaining walls, and exceeds the maximum of two retaining walls per lot.